The wine of Milan

The Wine of Milan is born in the cellar of Poderi di San Pietro: the grapes are subjected to strict quality control of raw material and treated to ensure the maintenance of all their organoleptic and aromatic properties. The company uses the latest technology to ensure a product of excellence, combining innovation with tradition. The quality of the grapes is guaranteed from the vineyards where the grapes are picked by hand, to get to the cellar with the whole bunch and even at a temperature as low as possible. For transportation to the cellar are used refrigerated containers, which keep the grapes cool, thus preventing the start of the alcoholic fermentation process and limiting oxidation. The selection process then goes to another milestone: once the grapes arrive in the company, the fruits are unloaded onto conveyor belts and subjected to a thorough check to eliminate any bunches damaged during the transport phase as well as any leaves or buds. Only the best product can pass to the subsequent processing stages.

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To get an excellent wine are needed high quality raw materials, advanced machinery and the wisdom that comes from experience. All these elements come together perfectly in Poderi di San Pietro. In the grape transformation a very important part is provided by the process of elimination of the stalk through the so-called “de-stemming”. The product then follows different paths. For the white wines the must is made from the pulp, in red wines instead it becomes important to be able to extract the color and the tannins from the skins and, for the latter, in certain cases, from the seeds. All this happens in a process in which automation and manual work come together, and the role of our winemakers is fundamental throughout the production cycle.

The tanks of steel in which the alcoholic fermentation takes place allow to cool or heat the must, according to the type of processing chosen: the alcoholic fermentation takes place at around 16 ° C for the white wines, in order to favor a better aromatic quality, and around 25-28°C for the red wines in order to ensure a better extraction of the color.